Newsletter – June 2024

Arla Plast and Hans Fischer
– this is the TRAC box recycling project 

This initiative represents a breakthrough achievement in Germany, made possible by a synergistic and strategic partnership. At its core, this project embodies the principles of a circular economy that prioritises the reuse and recycling of resources, thereby significantly reducing waste and consequently the impact on the environment. 
*Total Recycling Arla Concept

By adopting these sustainable practices, the ARLA-Trac-box-recycling project not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection, but also sets the stage for future efforts to achieve a more sustainable and responsible industrial landscape. 

Arla Plast is launching a sustainable waste management program where customers collect their production waste in provided boxes. The waste is sent back to Arla Plast, processed into Post-Industrial Regrind (PIR) for new products, reducing industrial waste and promoting a circular economy. 

This initiative serves as a lighthouse of progress and demonstrates how collaboration
and innovation can lead to meaningful environmental progress.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.