Barva a shoda barev

Our coloring process

Colour matching process

  • A colour sample is requested to match a new colour.
  • lf the colour is not already excisting in our colour match register, a new matching process starts. There are several ways to do this. ln case of using colour reference standards, following are mostly used:
  • The reference sample or colour reference number is sent by Arla Plast to a selected masterbatch company. A colour match is made and one sample is send to Arla Plast and two samples are sent to customer (one for the customer and the second to use for his customer).
  • When receiving the colour matched sample, please contact Arla Plast for an approval. When the colour is approved, Arla Plastwill order the masterbatch. When not approved, another matching process will be necessary
  • RAL, NCS or PMS
    Nevertheless a physical sample from the customer is often the best colour matching reference.
  • The order handling can now be completed by Arla Plast, and an order confirmation can be sent.
  • The whole process from receiving the colour sample or reference colour number until you will have a colour sample to approve takes one to two weeks depending on product and urgency.
Polymer structures
Pick your colours


Black 10

Red 10

Blue B10

Brown B10

Blue-A 10

Yellow 10

Green 10

Grey D10

Grey C10

Grey B10

Grey A10

Beige 10

Offwhite 10

White 10


Grey D2

Grey C2

Grey B2

Grey A2

Brown 2

Blue b2

Blue a2

Green 2

Red 2

Yellow 2

Beige 2

Offwhite 2

White 2

Transparent / translucent colours can not be truly display on paper or screen!
Colorado Basic = [b], Standard = [st], Special = [sp]

[b] Grey 133

[b] Bronze 130

[b] Opal 50%

[b] Opal 30%

[st] Bronze

[st] Bronze 131

[st] Blue 740

[st] Dove blue 745

[st] Green 730

[st] Red 720

[st] Orange 710

[st] Yellow 700

[st] Grey blue 746

[st] Glass tint green 750

[sp] Orange translucent

[sp] Neon Green 735